How Time Flies

Yesterday (4/23/2010) my wife walked across a stage at Brigham Young University (BYU) and received her Bachelor of Arts degree. She started when she was 18. I interrupted the process by marrying her, hauling her away to my law school, and then she birthed our 5 children who are now mostly “raised.” A few years ago she decided she wanted to finish earning her degree and graduate from college. It was a long and hard eight years for her. We live nearly 50 miles from the campus so she completed much of her course work by the Internet without the benefit of in-class lectures, personal contact with professors, or study groups and other peer support. She is 50. We’ve cried off an on for two days as we’ve reflected on the process and how much more she appreciates the learning process than either of us did in 1980.

Yesterday was also our 30th wedding anniversary.

I’m now 55, and as I watched 6,000+ graduates file into the arena for the “Commencement” program, I realized that I may not have many years left. I’m 10 years away from the age when many people “retire” from employment. “That’s not very far away,” I thought. I thought of a neighbor, barely 70, who is in later stages of dying. We’ve been neighbors for 18 years. He has become a dear friend. When we moved into his neighborhood, he was just a couple of years younger than I am now.

I hope the foregoing doesn’t sound too self-indulgent. I don’t mean it to be. It’s been two days of reflection, memories, reminiscing, gratitude, and another awareness of “How Time Flies.” I just whiz by. No one can stop it or slow it. The brake and accelerator are not given to us. All we can do is enjoy each day, as much as possible, and create as many good memories in a day as we can.